Water Vapor Capture

Solutions for Harvesting Water, Pacific AirWell

Pacific AirWell solutions for harvesting water can be applied to support a range of applications.  The following describes some ideas for capturing water vapor:

Cooling Towers Pacific AirWell is innovating water vapor capture for cooling towers. Our teams of professionals are engineering water vapor capture solutions initially for energy plant cooling tower deployments. We aim to revolutionize both the design and construction of energy plants, geothermal plants, data centers, industrial plants and any other facilities requiring the movement of air carrying both heat and moisture to operate.

Active Construction Sites The Skywater®125  is ideal for active construction jobsites.  The modern builder recognizes they need to find creative ways to enable a more efficient worksite. These machines can easily supply enough water for a total “off the grid” water system for your thirsty jobsite team.

Health Care Clinics & Educational Facilities Supply health care clinics and educational with fresh water without the inconvenience and expense of bottling and transporting water. Skywater® atmospheric water generators are the more environmentally friendly solution. All you need is electricity to provide up to 300 gallons (1100 liters) per day or run a few machines side-by-side for a larger volume of water.

Residential & Commercial Office The Skywater® 300 is ideal for new home and commercial development. Designers and builders alike recognize the need to find ways to build homes and offices that perform. Offer up the idea of supplying custom homes, residential developments and commercial projects with a Skywater® 300 for a total “off the grid” water system. In addition, home owners and business owners may be interested in the option of a modern home and office appliance, the Skywater® 14.

Modern Farming The Skywater® 300 expands markets for greenhouse agriculture by providing an unlimited amount of water in areas cut off from the municipal water supply. The generated water can additionally be recycled back into the irrigation system, making the entire water supply very cost effective.

Government & Military Water supply is a critical aspect in government and military operations. The Skywater® 300 meets military specifications for durability and dependability even in the toughest conditions. Reinforced with a protective exo-skeleton, neoprene shock-absorbing gaskets and support structures on all internal components ensures durability. Rugged steel, and quality construction goes into the engineering of this cutting-edge technology to provide an efficient, mega-source of pure water. In adequate climates*, each Skywater® 300 military unit is capable of supplying up to 250 people with drinking water each day.

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