VaporVeil Project

Innovating Water Vapor Capture

Pacific AirWell is innovating water vapor capture for cooling towers. With a patent pending, we are working together with mechanical designers, engineers and contractors to engineer a water vapor capture solution initially for energy plant cooling tower deployments. We are currently in the research and development phase and intend to develop a scalable model capable of capturing 2500 gallons of water per day from ordinarily lost evaporation. All of our R&D efforts will cover industry applications requiring varied sizes, capacities, and potential efficiencies depending on application.

VaporVeil, A Water Vapor Capture Solution for Cooling Towers

Cooling tower of a power plant.

New Discoveries with Cooling Tower Blow Down

Blow down refers to the mechanism by which cooling towers prevent mineral deposits and scaling within the tower system. The blow down process flushes water through the system and creates a non-potable water solution typically discharged as wastewater.

The evaporate that comes out of the cooling tower is the equivalent of distilled water. Capturing the evaporate and injecting it back into the system will balance the mineralization and require fewer blow down events. Our team of professionals are looking to capture and reinsert the evaporate to eliminate the need for blow down, saving selective cleaning cycles. The result would be a dramatic reduction in make-up water, blow down wastewater treatment, and flushing away expensive chemicals.

We are performing calculations to come to a comprehensive understanding of the plant’s blow down cycle costs per a given cooling tower or set of towers for that matter. With this discovery in practice, the economic outcome should be very exciting.