About Us

About Pacific AirWell:

Pacific AirWell offers water saving solutions for harvesting water. We are innovating patent pending technologies to capture water vapor and turn it into an abundant source of water. In addition, we offer atmospheric water generator systems which harvest water from the air we breathe. Our scalable and modular systems can be configured for a number of water-sensitive applications that meet your specific requirements. For a thirsty planet on the verge of a water crisis, Pacific AirWell provides water saving solutions.

Our Management Team:

person-missing Jeffery Lamberson
Pacific Airwell was formed in 2015 by veteran green-tech financier Jeff Lamberson. Mr. Lamberson realized the growing and significant need for atmospheric water generation technology in California. Mr. Lamberson reached out to his colleagues and struck a deal to give Pacific Airwell exclusive rights to sell atmospheric water generation systems California.
person-missing Andrew Grundman
In the 1990’s Mr. Grundman served as an elected official, and beginning in 2002, he has served as Director and Officer to numerous public, private, and non-profit corporations. He has served as CEO of American Mining Corporation (formerly OTCQB:AMCM), and Northridge Ventures, Inc. (formerly OTCQB:PCHN); Director of Concentric Energy (merged: AMEX:UEC), SNS Silver Corp. (now TSX-V:GFN); and Sterling Mining Company (formerly OTC:SRLM). He also served as General Manager of Sunshine Precious Metals, Inc., a former subsidiary of Sunshine Mining & Refining Co. (SSMR). He has served with the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and as an Executive Fellow to the Chief Deputy Attorney General for the California Attorney General’s Office. He holds a Juris Doctor, a Governmental Affairs Certificate, and a LL.M in Government and Public Policy from McGeorge School of Law – University of the Pacific. He has been an active Member of the State Bar of California since 2002.